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Steps to enable HINDI or TAMIL as a language in

  1st Step: Enable Indic Functionality in the OS (XP)
* Go to Start -> Control Panel -> Date, Time, Language and Regional Options.
* Click on Regional and Language Options.
* Click on the Languages tab as shown below. .

* Under the heading 'Supplemental language support' check the item 'Install files for Complex Script and right-to-left languages (including Thai)'.
* Put the WindowsXP disc in the CD drive.
* Allow the OS to install necessary files from WindowsXP disc.
* Reboot the machine.

2nd Step: To select User Locale, Location and System Locale.
* Click on the 'Regional Options' tab to set User Locale and Location.
* Under the heading 'Standards and format' select Hindi or Tamil as your User Locale from the drop-down box. This selection will determine settings for numbers, currencies, times and dates as well as sorting rules for the language.
* Under the heading 'Location', select a country where you are physically located such as India.

3rd Step: Setting-up the Indian Language Keyboards or Input Locales.
* In Regional and Language Options panel, click on the Languages Tab.
* Once Languages tab is selected click on the 'Details' tab to install different input locales or Keyboards.
* Click on the 'Add' button to add a keyboard for a particular language.
* In the drop-down box select Hindi or Tamil as the Input Language.
* A corresponding keyboard layout/IME will be automatically selected as shown below. Click OK to close the dialog boxes.

4th Step: Choosing language .

* Now login into your email account.
* Click on Options Tab.
* Click on GLOBAL Tab.
* Choose the Desired Language from the drop down menu under Global settings --> Language.
* Click on SAVE.
* Log out the email account and Login again.